DIY Videos

First things first, we know stuff about crafts NOT computers! so while watching, don’t judge the camera quality and constant whispering! LOL.

Seriously though, if you have ANY questions, comments, compliments, confusion regarding your kit – call us 4174393416 or 4172916049, email us, or message us on Facebook and we will get you hooked up!

Extra Tips:

  1. Feel free to get any color acrylic paint from any craft store!
  2. Make sure the mod podge layer is INVISIBLE. (too thick and your paint will NOT stick.)
  3. LIGHT thin layers of paint. (!!!!!!!!!!!) cannot stress this enough.
  4. DO NOT blow dry the stencil on HOT. ONLY COOL (!!!!!!)

OK, so now have fun 🙂 follow along with the video and pause as you need!

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