hi there! we are so glad you’re here! our goal is clean, simplistic pieces that will leave you inspired! be sure to go over and LIKE our facebook + instagram pages! (@shophandmadehome)
we are a HANDMADE shop - from hand cutting the circle shapes, to hand making the bows, to hand painting your door hanger. there will be small imperfections and wood markings, that is what makes our door hangers HANDMADE. we strive for perfection and do our best to ensure our customers get the best quality from us; like using commercial outdoor vinyl, professional grade paint, and high quality ribbon and faux greenery. we hope you find just what you are looking for!
PSA: no changes to the bows will be made! so sorry for this inconvenience, we can't keep enough in stock to make any changes! (darn, COVID-19!)
PLEASE give us and USPS 72 hours from the time your shipping label was created to get it finished and picked up by USPS BEFORE reaching out! USPS is NOT required to scan packages, so a delay on their end does not reflect our shop practices! USPS delays are still expected so please be extra patient! we are doing our very best!
**all items in this handmade section are made to order! we run at a 1-2 week turnaround + will ship your handmade items out asap! 
**if you have other items in your order that are not handmade, they will wait to ship until all items are ready! if you would like your non-handmade items to ship sooner, please place a separate order