Jesus is the reason door hanger

Jesus is the reason door hanger

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how lovely this door hanger will bring to your front porch for the holiday season. it is simply modern for the holy night!

PSA: no changes to the bows will be made! so sorry for this inconvenience, we can't keep enough in stock to make any changes! (darn, COVID-19!)

**make sure to leave the exact spelling in the notes at checkout!

  • comes ready to hang!!!
  • bow and greenery attached
  • 1/4 inch birchwood
  • coat of polyacrlylic applied
  • our door hangers are made on very THIN wood so your door doesn't get damaged
  • comes with two felt pads as an additional protectant to your door!

questions? LMK!

ALSO, any word/text/font changes need to be discussed before checking out!

we are a HANDMADE shop - from hand cutting the circle shapes, to hand making the bows, to hand painting your door hanger. there will be small imperfections and wood markings, that is what makes our door hangers HANDMADE. we strive for perfection and do our best to ensure our customers get the best quality from us. we hope you find just what you are looking for!

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